Complete MIVV lijn Urban RVS/RVS geluiddemper/zwarte ABS eindkap Honda SH300


Fabrikant: C.HO.0007.K

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It’s an alternative product, as far as look and technical features are concerned, when compared with an original silencer. It perfectly integrates with the design of your maxi-scooter, improving the look, sound, performance, in addition to reducing its weight.


  • (Catalysed muffler)
  • Brush finish stainless steel muffler
  • Black heat-shield
  • Black ABS end cap
  • Weight reduction
  • Sound improvement
  • Performance improvement

Extra informatie

Gewicht 7036 g
Afmetingen 586 × 322 × 253 cm
Merk Model Jaar
HONDA SH 300 2015
HONDA SH 300 2016