MIVV geluiddemper MK3 Steel Black/RVS eindkap Yamaha MT-10


Fabrikant: Y.057.LM3B


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The MK3 line, resulting from the experience acquired in Moto3 and Moto2 world championships, is the perfect synthesis between performance and technology. With a design similar to the exhausts made for MotoGP, the MK3 is a compact product, capable of releasing the captivating MIVV sound. From an aesthetic and constructive point of view the laser-marked MIVV logo and the protective grid on the exit bottom are to be highlighted.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 2260 g
Afmetingen 426 × 236 × 240 cm
Merk Model Jaar
YAMAHA MT-10 2016
YAMAHA MT-10 2017
YAMAHA MT-10 2018
YAMAHA MT-10 2019
YAMAHA MT-10 2020
YAMAHA MT-10 2021
YAMAHA MT-10 2022