YSS Racing MG456 Schokdemper achter


Fabrikant: MG456-460TRW-09-858F


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Adjustable Hi-Low Speed Compression, a zenith of the compression control technology. H-L valve is designed to maintain and control the flow and the high speed valve is set to active when the oil pressure is too high so the shocks will not get Hydraulic Lock.

Adjustable Rebound to control the recovery of the shock absorber. Fast or slow depending on driver needs.

Pneumatic Preload Adjuster makes Race Sag Adjustment Quickly and Easily

Adjustable length of the shock absorber. The two side can be upgraded to 10 mm or adjusted by +/- 5 mm.


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Gewicht 100 g
Afmetingen 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Merk Model Jaar
YAMAHA YZ 450 F 2019