YSS TopLine RZ362 Twin schokdemper achter


Fabrikant: RZ362-380TRL-08-88


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  • Thread Spring Preload or adjustable spring screw. By threading the cylindrical shock absorbers, user can turn the preload to fine tune the spring and tighten a provided bolt to fix the ring in its position
  • Rebound Adjustable is to control the recovery of the shock absorber. Fast or slow depending on driver needs. It is designed to have a volume control knob needle shaft Free Bleed oil through hole and the knob Rebound is designed to sense the adjusted time adjustment dial.
  • Adjustable length. It helps increase the length of the shock absorber. The two types can be upgraded to 10 mm or adjustable lengths +/- 5 mm.


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Gewicht 5743 g
Afmetingen 562 × 169 × 195 cm
Merk Model Jaar
DUCATI GT 1000 2006
DUCATI GT 1000 2007
DUCATI GT 1000 2008
DUCATI GT 1000 2009
DUCATI GT 1000 2010